"Loot Exploit"?

      "Loot Exploit"?

      Ich bin gerade auf etwas interessantes gestoßen, auch wenn es nach Blödsinn klingt


      Mit folgender Methode kann man mehr als 100+ Legendaries am Tag farmen, diese Methode ist schon Wochen wenn nicht sogar schon Monate bekannt und Schneesturm fixed es einfach nicht.

      Bin mal gespannt ob die mit dem fixen oder löschen des Beitrages schneller sind als mein Ticket was über 24Stunden offen ist zu bearbeiten.

      Die hier beschriebenen Methode kann man legendaries ohne ende farmen, hoffentlich fixen sie das, bis dahin einfach public machen weil wenn soetwas public wird wird es meistens schnell gefixed



      Falls die Links nicht funktionieren:

      Want to know how to do the Diablo 3 Loot Server Exploit? Here the secret Diablo 3 Loot Server exploit that can get you tons of amazing loots including legendary items every run. Use this Diablo 3 Loot Server Exploit to find the best servers with amazing loots.

      You may not know, but there is an actual Diablo 3 exploit where you can choose and find servers to get the best possible loots. In doing this method, you can select the server that possibly gets you the best loots like legendary items in Diablo 3.

      Keep in mind that this Diablo 3 exploit is fully working as of now, and if you are reading this then quickly try this out as there’s a big chance that this Diablo 3 Loot Server Exploit will be fixed fast.

      1. Log in to Diablo 3, and play the game like you normally do.

      2. Minimize Diablo 3.

      3. From your Windows, go to “Start” -> “Command Prompt”, then once you are in the “Command Prompt” type “netstat -n” and you will be shown a bunch of Internet I.P. addresses.

      You will have two IP addresses ending in “:1119”, so this should look like “XX.XXX.XXX.XXX:1119”.

      One of these IP address will always be the same and end in “193:1119”, which looks like “XX.XXX.XXX.193:1119”.

      Now the second IP address ending in “:1119” will have random numbers in place of “.193:”

      You would want those random numbers to be two digits or less, and an even number like 70, 72, 4, 8, basically anything under 98.

      If the IP address doesn’t hit the recommended IP address above, you can leave your game (there’s no need to log out) and rejoin and the research your IP address.

      ACT 1 Ponies : Between ~2-3 runs

      4: one legendary, thirteen 63s
      12: five 63s
      26: eleven 63s
      28: nine 63s
      40: six 63s
      62: sixteen 63s
      64: eleven 63s
      68: one legendary, nine 63s
      72: three legendary, eighteen 63s
      74: two legendary, fifteen 63s
      76: two legendary, fifteen 63s
      78: one legendary, seventeen 63s
      86: nine 63s

      ACT 3 Keep Depths LVL 1-3, Second Heart, Azmodan

      2: twenty four 63s
      12: eighteen 63s
      16: one legendary, twenty 63s
      18: twenty one 63s
      24: twenty four 63s
      26: twenty two 63s
      30: twenty three 63s
      38: sixteen 63s (didn’t finish)
      50: twenty 63s
      68: nineteen 63s
      72: five legendary, sixty six 63s (5 runs)
      74: seven legendary, ninety 63s (7 runs)
      76: three legendary, eighty five 63s (7 runs)
      78: three legendary, eighty two 63s (6 runs)
      92: twenty two 63s

      Note that the IP addresses that are not mentioned are not good, meaning you have to change server IP address. The best server IP address that gave out the best loots is 72 and 78. While others claims that the server IP address of 46 and 60 gave a lot of legendary loots. Try it out and see what server suits you.

      Best trick is that when you do farm runs and you have looted a legendary item level 63, then try doing the Diablo 3 Loot Server Exploit by researching the server IP address, this way just change to that same IP address again to gain mass legendary level 63 items and equips.

      Better try this Diablo 3 Loot Server Exploit fast, as chances are Blizzard is already making a fix for this.